Established since 1998, Thousand Supplies Sdn. Bhd., is an automotive enterprise that integrates research & development, manufacturing & production, sales & marketing and related services which ultimately yield better customer satisfaction. We are located at Taman Industry Sungai Bulah Jaya, Stated of Selangor, Malaysia. With our own stadium type factory measuring 15,000 sqf, we manufacture, pack and deliver all our products under one root.

IMP (IMPROVE) is a success and renown name and our fruit of products in suspension system. It has successfully registered under Trade Mark Act 1976 for automotive since year 2006. We are putting our full effort to enhance our design and further improve and market out products at its highest professional quality. IMP has 3 large business categories : 1) IMP Heavy Duty Suspension System, 2) IMP Air Suspension System 3) IMP Brake System. IMP specializes in suspension solutions and aim to create perfect shock absorbers for all kinds of vehicle applications. IMP has also obtained its Certificate of "Golden Brand Products" - an award from The Asia Pacific Award in 2011. For the pass 10 years, our business has extended its coverage throughout the nation ( inclusive Sabah & Sarawak).

Our brand, UTR, aims 'to go beyond' to enhance the quality of our products and today, we are one of the most eye-catching brands in the auto parts market. UTR, originally known as ULTRA also bears the meaning of 'Ultimate Tension Reinforce'. Therefore, we are continuously working towards developing our of most' outside the range of limit' products to exceed the quality of the normal products in the current market in order to sustain our reputation in the auto parts market. These lead to our success in obtaining the SIRIM certification and The Asia Pacific Golden Brand Products by Global Business Magazine.

Since its first day, UTR provide 4 categories of performance auto products namely UTR Air Intake Power System (Air & Fuel), UTR Ignition Power System (Power/Voltage), UTR Motorsports Performance System & UTR Chassis Stabilizer System, all these criteria are the life-blood of a good car.

As Thousand Supplies Sdn Bhd's current position in the local market has now reached to a stable and growing level, thus, participating in international expos & motorsports shows will be our next step of actions in order for us to create awareness in the international/ overseas market. Through all these participations, we will also be able to gain al car enthusiasts and to win consumers' demand.

Our company has been moving with the latest path of inovative technology as to delight both domestic & international customers. Our 2011, we will outreach for overseas market to Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines & China. We seek and welcome potential customer to work and join us for mutual benefits.

成立于1998年, 涛昇供应私人有限公司是一家汽车零件企业, 集科研开发, 制造与生产, 销售和市场营销及相关服务, 提供更好的客户满意度为最终目标, 我们坐落在马来西亚雪兰莪州双溪毛粿再也工业区。凭着我们拥有体育场式面积达18000平方英尺的厂房, 我们所生产, 包装及运送所有的产品在同一屋檐下。

IMP(IMPROVE) 是我们成功及著名的悬挂系统产品名称。在2006年, 它成功地注册于1976汽车商标法令。 我们正在致力及加强我们的设计,进一步完善及推广我们的产品在其最高的专业素质。 IMP拥有3大种类商品: 1)IMP耐力式悬挂系统, 2)IMP气压式悬架系统 3)IMP制动系统。 IMP是专门从事悬挂解决方案, 并致力创造完美的减震器为各类车辆所应用。IMP也取得了亚洲太平洋奖所颁发 “金品牌产品”的证书于2011年。10年来, 我们的业务已经扩展其覆盖范围及全国(包括沙巴和沙劳越)。

在我们汽车配件品牌中,UTR以”超越”为主旨, 以提升产品品质为目标, 如今毅然成为旗下受人瞩目的汽车配件品牌之一。UTR品牌原名为ULTRA, 表示’超越‘ 一般产品的优质产品, 才能在市场上立足。这也是UTR能成功获得SIRIM认证及《商天下》所颁赠”亚太杰出金牌产品“的原因。

自UTR品牌创立伊始, UTR向人们提供4大类的汽车配件产品,包括汽车的进气系统、改装型动力系统及底盘加强系统。“一辆汽车要行驶, 必须具备风及进风、电、油。UTR, 主要透过产品改良, 进而改善汽车的进电及进风系统, 改善汽车动力, 帮助省油”。

目前, 我们的业务以拓展到全马来西亚, 接下来, 我们欲加强品牌推广, 巩固市场, 并向‘外’发展, 参与更多外国汽车配件展销会, 让更多人认识THOUSAND SUPPLIES旗下汽车配件品牌。

透过展会参与,我们不但可以对外进行品牌宣传, 还可以观摩其它公司的新产品, 进行研究、考察及开发, 甚至成功研制出素质更胜于原来的产品。 不断开发创新产品, 是我们的使命!我们要以优质、创新思维的新颖产品来满足玩车爱好者、客户、消费者的需求、以口碑赢得市场以及消费者的心!

我们公司一直不断创新技术为取悦国内外的客户。2011年, 我们将拓展海外市场, 印尼, 泰国, 菲侓宾和中国。我们将寻求和欢迎有潜力的客户和我们一起合作,已达成双赢。